Education Procedure

Step One:     Are you a member of Choctaw Nation Career Development?

If yes, go to Step Two.

Join Choctaw Career Development Application tab

Not interested in assistance with Career Development at this time? How about gaining a Career Readiness Certificate and some Cash. Complete an application online and a career development counselor will contact you about the next step for the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC).

Step Two:      Review the Choctaw Asset Building Guidelines (webpage)

Click here for the Income Guidelines Chart

Step Three:   Complete the application

Step Four:     Supply supporting documentation (Mail/Fax/or Hand delivery)

Choctaw Tribal Membership Card – copy

Driver’s License – clean copy

Social Security Card - copy

Proof of household income – Tax forms and pay stubs or self-employment wages or another form of proof that there is earned income coming into the household (Contact a CAB staff member).

Step Five:      Review Participation Agreement with CAB Staff Member.

Setup Deposit schedule: $50 minimum opening deposit - $25 minimum monthly deposit.

Step Six:       Save for your success!

Education Plans Also Do:

Attend 12 hours of Financial Education Class (offered free of charge by Choctaw Asset Building)

Attend 6 hours of Asset Training (copy of transcript with orientation class, copy of summer orientation class/proof of attendance, hours spent with career counselor, hours spent in Work Keys/Key Train, hours spent in Bridges, contact a CAB staff member for additional information if needed for documentation)

Completed Education Purchase Plan-Click here for Education Plan-

CAB/Career Development

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Phone: (866) 933-2260
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